What better time to be present than the moment a potential customer asks Google, Yahoo or Bing for suggestions? For most business, being present when people search for their product or service categroy is foundational to their marketing success and there’s no faster way than SEM.

The CometAds team is mantains full certification from Google AdWords and is active in the Google Partners Program. Led by an ad manager with more than 15 years experience in Google AdWords, our team excels in developing high-performing campaings that far exceed industry benchmarks for CTR, CPC, Visitor Engagement and CPL.

There’s a trigger in the human pschye when a website is found high in Google’s non-paid listings. Regardless if we realize it or not, that placement is an endorsement by Google, one of the World’s largest and most powerful companies.

While SEO is primarily a campaign of feeding search engines what they desire, our deep understanding of brands and consumer phychology enable our team to strike a balance between impression humans and search engines, making your SEO content work double-time towards driving your business.

Social media is all about the Who, What, Where, When and How, and it takes meticlious planning to expertly craft what you say, how you say it, when you say it, who you say it to and how often you say it. Before we write the first post our team executes deep research into your target audience, what drives them and what’s working for your competitors.

Tailored and targeted is how we do social. There’s no one-size-fits-all package that’ll maximize opportunities from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and indusrty-niche social networks like Houzz.

How big is your email list? House email lists are never big enough to capitalize on prospects who have never heard of you. In partnership with 3 key data warehouses, CometAds aggregates consumer email data tied to life events and financial triggers.

Need to reach 25,000 people in your market area who make $50K-$90K and are within 90 days of their lease expiring? No problem! CometAds can reach them, starting at just $0.03 per email. Award-winning CometAds copywriters and designers will ensure your Open Rate and Click Rate are maximized.

Stop buying commercial during the Oprah Show to reach women in their 40’s with disposable income. Yeah, it’s one of the few places you can confidently predict they’ll congregate, but more than half the viewership doesn’t fit that profile, so half your budget is wasted.

Now, with Advanced TV and CometAds unique inventory access, you can put your ad in front of your exact target audience, regardless of which shows they’re watching. Go ahead, high-income, 46 year-old woman; go ahead and watch Monday Night Football, we’ll see you there!

Every business needs an app! No, every business does not need an app. In fact, all to often business deploy apps which aren’t used and take up space on people’s phones.

The app-bloat struggle is real.

We’ll be happy to develop an app for your business, but first we’ll help you evaluate the need and develop a staged product development plan which cofirms the need and adoption along the way.

It’s no secret, we’re big fans of WordPress. How can you hate on the technology which supports about 60% of the Internet’s websites? That said, there’s a right way and wrong way to design, build and deploy a WordPress site – we like to think we’ve optimized this process.

Need us to dig into a non-WordPress site? No problem! Our full-stack web and software development teams know code at its core, so we’re not limited to WordPress by any means.

Think of it as remarketing, but rather than targeting someone because they’ve been to your website, they’re targeted with ads because they’ve recently visited your competitor’s store, your store or an event that clearly defines them as prime to become your customer.

With our unique capabilities, CometAds can take Geo-Conquesting a step further and cause a visit to a physical location to trigger Advanced TV ads to stream into the prospect’s home. That’s right, they visited your competitor and then saw you on Hulu the next day!


CometAds Ignite adds rocket fuel to our online advertising campaigns.

This influencer and attribution aggregation platform leverages the viral power of brand ambassadors, and delivers a precise opted-in/CANN spam compliant demographic audience database (CRM).

The resulting database is entirely owned by the client, not the Agency, and not a third party.

TACTICS: Customer Landing Pages, Social Advertising, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Sharing Incentives, Tracked Coupons


Average ROAS


For campaigns capable of leveraging multiple consumer touch-points, CometAds’ Big Bang delivers a hyper-targeted media mix by leveraging the power of online with off-line media. By combining Digital, Direct Mail, and Email, each tactic is optimized in a strategically timed effort and customized per client and campaign.


CometAds Watch scans the online universe finding conversations about your brand. Since information is power, CometAds Watch allows you to identify, analyze and understand your brand or product’s presence across all social media sites. Watch provides insights of your brand position to improve social strategy and identify untapped consumer interests. Watch also provides invaluable insights into client competitive landscapes.


Easily track online campaign performance through the CometAds Tracker mobile app and companion desktop site.

Campaign results are reported in real-time, allowing the client to see campaign progress immediately with full transparency.

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